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Our history

Miramare Castello Resort is known by everybody as Sticco named after its founder, Antonio Sticco, who inaugurated it in 1955.

Situated in the bay of the Castle of Miramare it was acquired in 1997 by Salviato family, with a long-time experience in the field, acquired in the Adriatic riviera. With continuous works of renovation, it has become through the years the point of summery meeting of the noble Trieste and destination of famous characters.

It counts on most affectionate customers who have begun to attend it since the most tender age and that today comes back with their sons and grandsons, sharing the rocks with the always more numerous tourists coming from East Europe.

Its main characteristic can be summarized in two words: clean and tranquillity, together with a sort of gentlemen agreement between usual customers and the courtesy of the staff.

With its “meditation rock”, the reading area, its fifties cabins, the wide areas in white masonry and the small beach destination for mothers and children, the beach club hosts all the age slots maintaining its main characteristic.

The watery mirror, just a few meters from the natural reserve of Miramare, is a coffer of marine species: sea anemones, hermit crabs, breams, spider crabs and, more offshore, even seahorses.

Even maintaining its tradition of quiet place, there are many initiatives to liven up the days to the sea and the evenings to spend on the wide terrace of the bar buffet equipped with all the comforts. Diving courses, acquagym, fitness, dance lessons, theme events, barbecues and happy hours to spend moment in tranquillity and cheerful company.